• The Payneta Necklace
  • The Payneta Necklace
The Payneta Necklace
The Payneta Necklace


The Payneta Necklace

Reimagining the traditional ornamental hair comb -- the payneta. 


A peineta, or payneta, is a traditional decorative comb often worn by Filipina women of affluence to complete the traje de mestiza (often called the Maria Clara dress) that was popularized in 19th century Philippines. 


We hope to bring back the glamour of the past with a twist to this old favorite.



100% handcrafted by Filipino artisans

Made of silver plated in 24k gold



Chain Length: Adjustable from 16"" to 18"" 

Pendant Height: 0.6cm

Pendant Width: 55cm


AMAMI celebrates centuries-old jewelry traditions of the Philippines. AMAMI is a social enterprise working to revive traditional, handcrafted Filipino heritage jewelry, while at the same time provide sustainable livelihood and empower local artisans.

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