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Handmade stud earrings

Components: : brass, 
mother of pearl
 and south sea pearls

Dimensions: 2 inches in length, 

*Due to the handmade nature of our earrings, lengths and flakes may vary but very minimal.

Note: Pearls are baroque- naturally irregularly shaped and may not exactly match as a pair. Expect differences in shape, texture, coloration and size..

Arete is the accessories brand of Jeanjaquet solely focused on celebrating Philippine handwork, materials and creativity. All components are sourced in the Philippines and products are hand crafted by Mia Jeanjaquet and local artisans from Manila, Cebu, Bacolod and etc. We continuously search for fresh native materials to incorporate in our designs and female communities to collaborate. We are building our very own community of housewives and teen moms who we teach basic and advanced the skills to create our unique designs. We strongly believe in supporting local industries, communities and skill work.

This accessories line that organically started as a hobby (since May 2017) has quickly grown into a brand that caters to both the local and international market. Our love for beautiful and well- made handmade pieces truly speaks in all our designs that we continuously love to share with the world and see Filipinas wear with a smile.

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